Dynasty Vest Collection


The 'Dynasty' accessory line by FLOW Formals is a wonderfully classic offering of formal accessories, available in 19 colors.  The vests feature a subtle patterned front and paisley vest back in the same color, as well as a lower-than-normal button stance on the front, for a little extra class.  The full line includes:

·         4 Button Fullback Vests

·         Pre-tied Matching Bow Ties (that match the vest front pattern)

·         Self-tied Paisley Bow Ties (that match the vest back pattern)

·         Paisley Long Ties

·         Paisley Pocket Squares

With vests that offer a lower button stance in a subtle pattern, and self-tie bow ties, the Dynasty accessory line has the potential to be among the classiest we carry, perfect for taking your wedding or prom to the next level.